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Wouldn’t it be nice feel confident and love yourself with your highly sensitive empathic gifts?

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Are you an Empath HSP Introvert INFJ or Sensitive?  I’m Tanya Kucey, DCH and I’m here for you. 

Not so long ago, I was in the same place you likely are.
Aware of your gifts, yet struggling to embody them with confidence, ease and love. 

Like many intuitive, highly sensitive empaths, I put the majority of my energy into others to heal and support them.  I was really good at it! But unfortunately not as good at taking care of myself. 

  • I didn’t have decent boundaries in place
  • I couldn’t discern my energy or emotions from others
  • I didn’t understand how to balance my energy or use my intuitive empathic skills.  Leaving me overwhelmed by taking on emotions of other people, places and situations
  • My extraordinary sensitivity turned living into surviving, restrictions and hiding from life
  • I was spending more and more time alone to recharge or create contingency plans for the next time I left the house. Otherwise Id be flat out for the next week. Or longer
  • And I’d even forgotten about my special relationship with nature and spirit

There were so many dark times throughout my life where I could have benefited from guidance to help me on my path. Someone who could shed some light and maybe leave some bread crumbs back to loving myself.

Now I’ve become the guide I so desperately needed and it is my joy to offer help to you.

Click below to check out my Services & Support below, browse the Blog or shoot me a message if you need to connect. Thank you for being here and being you!  I look forward to meeting you



services & support for highly sensitive empaths

30min support chat

A quick connection at a nice price to give you an option to chat with someone who’s been there and “gets it”.
Via Facebook Messenger

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Mini Mentoring

Ready to get back on target  or set some new goals? Discuss ideas, get insight or maybe a bit of advice. It’s amazing what you can discover in 1hr!

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1:1 Guidance

Bespoke sessions created to  support you as a unique and wonderful empath, introvert or sensitive soul.

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Better Boundaries - Teaching by Example

Learn to i.d, enhance and protect your boundaries so your actions and energy teach others how to treat YOU.

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Empath  HSP  Introvert  INFJ  or  Sensitive Soul.
It doesn’t matter how you see yourself, there’s support here for you.

As a professional Classical Homeopath, Energy Healer and Intuitive Guide, I’ve used my wealth of training and experience to create some truly unique services and offerings for you.

From the quick connection of a 30min Express Session, 1hr Mini Mentoring and Better Boundaries Session.
To the fully supported 1-1 Extended Guidance Support Programme.

I look forward to accompanying you on your self love journey and embracing the joy of being sensitive.

And I’m also excited to provide you with free resources from the Blog with Articles, learning and inspiration!
You can also find me daily on Facebook and Instagram. 

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