Empath Protection Mini Crystal Set


This is a companion set to work with as you strengthen and buffer up your energetic field so you are no longer a magnet for energy you dont want. Empath ‘protection’ high vibe crystal set has an option for crystals alone or add on a laminated crystal grid sheet as a set.



Empath ‘protection’ high vibe crystal set with option of standard or gemstone grade crystals .Add on a laminated crystal grid sheet and make a set.

This is a companion set to work with as you strengthen and buffer up your energetic field so you are no longer a magnet for energy you dont want.

Some days life as a sensitive, empathic, high vibe person can be overwhelming. We can feel like we are taking on the energy of all the people, places and situations we encounter. And so we look outside ourselves for what we call protection. We don’t want to feel overwhelmed or like we are holding on to everybody else’s energy.

Yet focusing on the fear or discomfort of these things can create a state of negative energy in itself. So in effect, you are making yourself a magnet for more of it to happen! The more you feel like you need protection from something, the more you can become stuck in that downward spiral which can attract it.

Why not shift your state of mind up so that you are hanging out in a consciousness where you don’t need protection? Then you feel good in yourself. You feel confident and strong and content. And that is coming from you inside and not because you have something that is a protection item.


The crystals alone are not doing the work in helping to buffer up and strengthen your auric field. YOU are doing that. However they do hold a consistently higher, lighter vibration and part of their mission here on Earth is to assist you in remembering your own energy and power. They do so by helping you to shift yourself and energy back up.

And that is why I created this set. To bring you a physical, tangible reminder that you can work with in your spiritual life or practice. To help lift your own energy up and shift into a higher vibration.


Well first off, these aren’t your average everyday crystals! These are ethically sourced and not treated, dyed, heated, soaked in chemicals, irradiated, nor have they been dynamited from the ground. The amethysts are AAA quality which means they are gemstone faceting grade and their luminosity and deep rich purple color is genuine which has become quite rare.

And I’m super excited about these quartz points! Not only do they have remarkable clarity, they have very high vibrational energy and are filled with multiple formations suited to lightworkers, starseeds, empaths, sensitives and healers. Their energy is very clear and in its purest form, having only been hand mined by a lovely small family business in fall 2018. READ MORE about their metaphysical meanings at the bottom of this listing.

That is why this combination is very unique and special for you. Because they can help you as you support, boost and enhance your auric field and energy.

So rather than being stuck in a downward spiral of negative thinking and actually creating that energetic space where you are a magnet to discordant people, situations or energy, instead it will help you to lift up your vibration naturally.

*Note that as every crystal is unique, so will be your crystal grid set. Each will contain the same type of crystals as shown in the photos but they may be slightly different in shape and sizing. *

6 tumbled amethyst
4 clear quartz points
1 apache tear crystal

Comes gift packaged with ribbon in eco-conscious kraft jewelry box for storage and safekeeping.

You can purchase the set to use on its own with crystals singly or in combination with each other. Or you can combine it with a laminated crystal grid sheet as shown in the photos to create your own layouts.

Sets with crystal grid sheets may come as 2 separate packages to keep shipping cost affordable


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*NOTE these are natural crystals and as such no two are alike. Your set will include the same types of crystals and stones shown but may vary slightly in appearance. Please expect indentations, chips and not always smooth surfaces that make up their natural beauty!

Metaphysical Properties

A versatile crystal known as the power, protection and wisdom stone. Similarly to other types of quartz, amethyst has the ability to focus energy and is very useful for healers and spiritual practitioners. Use for releasing and healing perceptions of negative energy in oneself or the home. Amethyst enhances spiritual awareness and spiritual wisdom, promoting a higher state of consciousness. Calming and soothing, believed to bring on pleasant dreams.

One of the best meditation crystals as it enhances and focuses a calm state and more relaxed state of being. It can quiet the mind and create a sense of comforting energy. One of the best crystals to ease high anxiety and panic attacks.

While it is not typically thought for crystals for prosperity, amethyst is beneficial when dealing with money related problems, as it brings prosperity and abundance.

February Birthstone | Crown, Third Eye Chakra | Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo | Vibrational Number 3


Assistance with negative energy clearing and helps with warding off psychic attacks. Good for grounding, protection in general and assisting people through grief. Root chakra and immune system support.


Known as the stone of the mind, crystal quartz can enhance the vibrational qualities of others stones and metals around it. It can also do the same for energy and thought and is used frequently for purification and the amplification of intention. Clearing, cleansing and healing are also common uses. When wrapped with copper or other metals, its frequency is boosted and the movement of energy more focused. Healing, Enhancing, Amplification

Storm element. All chakras. All Angels. All astrological signs. Vibrational number 4




~ important info~

Crystals, grids and healing jewelry and their metaphysical attributes are for entertainment purposes only. Any information in this listing is subject to your personal interpretation and should not be a substitute for medical, mental health, financial or business advice. Purchase and use of any item from the Comfy Empath shop is the sole responsible of the customer.  And now that the legalese is out of the way, go have fun with your crystals!

{Proud to be an earth supporting, environmentally aware shop! 100% recycled materials are used wherever possible}

Additional information

Weight .075 kg
Dimensions 17 × 15 × 4 cm
Crystal Choice

Value, Gem Quality

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