How to use Social Media as an Empath without getting overwhelmed

You use it to market and promote your business, connect with friends, build community and share your amazing message. There’s no denying it, Social Media is that new best friend who has ingratiated its way into how we interact and communicate online.

Yet as a sensitive and empath, have you ever taken a moment to think about how you use it?

  • By this I mean with intention around your energy
  • By setting boundaries so you don’t get drained or take on other people’s emotions
  • By learning to be conscious of your thoughts and emotions as you explore.

You already know self-care is essential to thriving in your life and business. So ask yourself: am I actually taking the time to use Social Media mindfully


Over doing it since 1993.
I can tell you as an internet long-timer online since the beginning in ‘93 ( hey! does that mean I’m old enough to say “back in the day” now?  ha ha ), diving in and spending hours online was second nature. Never even occurred to me that I had options in what I saw or how I used different programs or websites! At the end of a long session I’d feel exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious and sometimes downright flooded with negative emotions. That went on for years.

Then as my awareness opened to my empathic abilities and sensitivity, I started self-censoring content. But consciously or not, I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that social media is still chock-a-block full of negative or discordant content I was seeing while scrolling or reading.

I was a little more aware but still getting overwhelmed, feeling exhausted and needing time to recuperate. One of the most challenging things for me as an empath was when I finally figured out what I was doing to myself! And I realized, I knew better.

As many of us who are empaths do, when things get tough we tend to blame ourselves. I had to work through a lot of dark and shadowy stuff around forgiveness after being so self-judgmental. To surrender to knowing that that behaviour was okay for where I was at the time and to learn to love myself as the beautiful human I am in this lifetime.


Social media is designed to be addictive.

Years later I learned that my desire to be online playing in social media so often wasn’t all me. That’s why I’m writing this email to you today. And if you didn’t already know; social media in general is intentionally designed to flood your body with happy town endorphins.

Every time you get notifications or hear that little “ping” coming from your cell phone, you like Pavlov’s dog are enjoying a conditioned response which is releasing that feel good neurotransmitter dopamine in your body.

It is the subtlety and allure of ever changing social media that keeps you going back for more!

It’s no secret that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like thrive on patterns and algorithms. And this is why. The more you use it, the more you want to use it. Because your brain is being rewarded.

Without taking some time to be mindful of your energy and intention before jumping online, you are pretty much exposing yourself to a minefield full of overwhelming energy.


So my friend, Here’s how to make it easier on yourself:

Using Social Media as an Empath
without getting overwhelmed

1.  Assess Your Energy
Know where your energy is before you even log on. How about using an Energetic Check-In  for self-awareness and boundary setting. These are great to do throughout the day to get a baseline on where your energy is at. Think about how valuable it will be to you to know how you are feeling before you log in, compared to how you feel afterwards. 

2.    Set Your Intention
Be clear in your intention. What’s okay for you? What’s not okay? What do you want to get out of Social Media today? Make it simple: like you want a little entertainment, to do self promos or connect with community. Regardless of your choice, setting your intention before you ever jump on, is really going to help mitigate any overwhelm!

    3.  Lift Yourself Up  (a.k.a. “Empath Protection” or Shielding)

    Before you even turn on your computer, log in your phone or look over someone’s shoulder in a coffee shop make sure you are energetically shielded in a way that works for you.

    The easiest way to do this is by concentrating on what you want to achieve.

    Why? Because you are consciously choosing something that you want to do which shifts your vibration into a positive mindset.  So you are going to start attracting similar energy ( go-go Law of Attraction! )

    4. You’re in the Driver’s Seat

    Did you know that Facebook, Instagram & Twitter all have pause / block functions? Try them out and see what works for you and control what and whom you see.

    Try using a timer or your phones online time minimizer for time rabbit holes like Pinterest, Tik Tok and Tumblr




    I’d love to hear your thoughts!


    •  Have you ever thought of shielding your energy before jumping on Social Media?
    • What overwhelms you the most about Social Media?


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