How to Care for Yourself as a Empath when you’re Sick.

Akin to Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog) I have woken up from a stupor. With bleary eyes no more I can finally say hello!! because I’ve been completely flat out with the flu for the past 17 days. Seven-teen days.

And not that Instagrammy kind where you’re surrounded by tea candles and white fake fur blankets with chillhop FM playing in the background while you journal your feelings. Nope. I’m talking about reality here. The really sick kind with fever, chills and a migraine So intense I thought I might have meningitis and better go to the Urgent Care Facility – which I did.

Who would ever think you’d be happy to hear that you “just have a really bad case of flu”.  But considering the alternative, I definitely was!


    How to Care for Yourself as a Empath when you’re Sick

    I’d like you to know that as downright sucky as having the flu is.   It’s also a blessing in disguise.
    It’s Nature’s way of letting your system clean out and have a full reset. Maybe that’s exactly what I needed.

    So rather than telling you that the website launch is coming (I wrote this before this site launched), because obviously it is.  I decided to let go of the anxiety and stress I’ve been holding onto.  About disappointing you.  About it’s still not being live and all that other stuff !   Instead my friend, I’m going to focus on continuing to offer great content to you here and on Instagram. Are we connected on IG yet?

    Now because I’m in a health-related state of mind, I’m going to share my experience and
     tips to try when you have the flu or a cold.

    Because the last thing on your radar when you’re ill will be focusing on your boundaries.
    But taking care of yourself around others and accepting care from others means you’ll have to.
    Even if its just for a moment. 


    Top Tips for Caring for Yourself Energetically When You’re Sick 

    1.  Decide if you want to be alone or have company.  Seems pretty straightforward, but things change when you get sick.

    Remember that it’s okay to let others know you need your space. And conversely, never forget it’s okay to ask for help.  You’ll be amazed how generous people can be if you just ask!

    Utilize services you might not have tried before. Personally, when I get sick I become even more introverted and do not want to be around people. If you’re on your own like I am or if even you just don’t want to deal, now is the perfect time to get help without having to interact (too much).

    For instance, check if your local grocery or pharmacy offers a delivery service. See if there’s a “nurse next door” or similar type of at home visit service from a health practitioner.  And girl, pay for the darn uuber / taxi / shuttle. You really shouldn’t be driving

      3.   If you do have to venture out, YOU CAN Create a Safe Energetic Space around you. 

      • bring your comfy space with you. I put a full-sized water bottle in my bag and put over my chest under my coat. It made a huge difference in feeling comfy and dealing with a long wait in a cold waiting room
      • let your pride go. Wear the fuzzy pants and your favourite old sweater, double up on your socks or wear boots. Whatever you need to feel comfortable is your top priority
      • you are likely contagious and should be doing this anyway, but if you grab a face mask from reception and wear it, you will automatically communicate to others that it is not a good idea for them to sit near you. Thereby its win-win situation: you aren’t bombarded by anyone else’s illness or their energy + they will likely sit somewhere else
      • one of my favourite tricks is using earbuds with a visible cord. A lot of the time I don’t even plug them in to anything. They are simply there as a nonverbal communication that I’m occupied and don’t want to interact
        BTW, this is a great trick for your everyday commute.

      4.    Eat foods which support your healing.  Ok lady, you’re an empath. One of your super skills is that you can Vibe on things. Even when you’re sick you’re going to know instinctively which foods are going to support your immune system kicking back in and doing its job, and which aren’t.

      There are hundreds of lists online but a really good rule of thumb is to avoid anything that’s going to create more phlegm (dairy, bread, eggs, red meat) so that you can breathe!  Trust me, unstuffy breathing when you’re sick is a miraculous thing.  Also, be sure to add foods that are easily digestible and super nutritive. Like bone broth or chicken soup if you do meat, broccoli, oatmeal and romaine lettuce ( all leafy greens are good when you’re sick, but romaine is the only lettuce that’s super easy to digest ).
      ps: check out my new healthy food and recipe inspo feature below

        Remember that having the flu is a little bit like being sensitive to the full moon.
         Your mind is likely racing with ideas and creativity, but you likely don’t have any follow-through to make it happen.

        Be kind on yourself.  Let yourself have all the downtime you need. Which actually means “down” time not this is a great time to work on my whatever whatever. Give your mind and body the space that it needs to heal and know the world is not going to stop just because you decided to take care of yourself.


        And lastly, if you do need a more little support from someone who gets what its like to be extra sensitive, you can always contact me or have a look at my Services.

        As always, I’m wishing you lots of love and as much good health as you can handle!

        💜 Tanya


        I’d love to hear your thoughts!


        •  What do YOU do when you’re under the weather?
        •  Did it ever occur to you to use your empathic skills to help you recover?


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