Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.

~Dorothy M. Neddermeyer

Here’s what to do as an empath when you’re stressed out, overwhelmed and ready to snap!

EDIT Updated from my original article published Feb 7, 2017

When I first wrote this back in 2017 it was a crazy time on the planet. We were between 2 eclipses, a very close comet fly by and a myriad of micro earthquakes around the globe. Talk about getting walloped with cosmic energy! 

Most of us were bombarded with amped-up emotions and anxiety and overwhelm in a way that we had never experienced before.  Now we can look back and see it was a warm up for the flares of dense energies we are now dealing with.

In times like this, life gets very intense.  Exciting, but also challenging! And I for one, did not fare so well.

I ended up getting so consumed by the work that I love that I totally forgot to take care of myself. And as an empath, lightworker or sensitive soul, I have the feeling you can relate.

One of the pitfalls is being so in love with your work is that you put everything into it. Whether that’s digital, in products and services or hands on. And oh how easy it is to forget to take time for yourself. You know that feeling where you look up, see the clock and can’t believe where the time went?

When I finally remembered how easy the steps were to take care of myself, my anxiety and stress disappeared! It was like a steam valve letting go. And I want you to have that sense of relief as well!

So out of my tough experience comes 6 ways to anxiety relief – how to deal with stress as an empath, starseed, healer, hsp, lightworker and sensitive soul.



1.   Get Conscious!

2.  Get Grounded

3.  Take breaks

4.  Be kind to yourself

5.  Full Sensory Mind Shift

6.  You’ll need to Feel it to Release it

1.  Get conscious!

It may sound strange, but the truth is many of us walk through our life unconscious. Yup, even those of us who are spiritually minded are often unaware of what we are doing. Or how we are feeling.

So Step 1 is to use a technique to bring your awareness back into your body & being.  Consider setting up daily energetic check ins. Whether that is before meditating, or at set times throughout the day.  It will anchor you into your body and give you a baseline for your own mental and emotional health.  An essential for you as an empath as you navigate your energy throughout the day.


2.  Get Grounded

There are so many techniques that you can do but my favourite is to take a deep breath while you squinch up and tighten every. single. muscle. in your body! Hold it for 2 seconds and then let it go with a big whoosh!! As you do, direct all that stress, fatigue and anxiety out the window or down into the ground through your feet.


3.  Take breaks

It’s okay to stop. Really, take a break baby!
The world won’t end if you get up and grab yourself a tea. Or a taco. Cause yanno, snack are good.


4.  Be kind to yourself

Tell that inner critic to just shush it! You know what I’m talking about, right?

When you hear that internal fault-finder, take a break from what you’re doing. Move around physically (dance party!!) or shift your thoughts to something else. Look at some art, grab your crystals or your favourite beverage and relax.


5.  Full Sensory Mind Shift

No magic required gal! You really do have the power to control your mind.

Imagine a time where you felt wonderful! Think of a beloved person, place or animal companion. Let the feelings wash over you and include any sounds, smells, textures or visuals. The more you get into it, the faster that shift into calm will take hold. Need inspo? Check out my Pinterest Boards.


6.  You’ll need to Feel it to Release it

This last step is probably the most challening, but also the most important.

Anxiety happens for a reason.
This is your body and mind letting you know you’re overwhelmed and need to pay attention.

But it’s also essential to understand that anxiety comes and goes. The faster you become conscious and allow yourself to feel through the anxiety, the faster it will leave you.  The best way to do that is to recconect with your body. You can try out some of these methods to get grounded.


You’re a strong & sensitive empath. YOU can do this!

Accepting that stressors and anxiety are part of life is a really important step in being able to be confident as a sensitive.

From a higher perspective, these intense, but wonderful times are allowing us to finally connect with our heart energy to do the work that we love. And that’s great, right?

Ultimately though, YOU are responsible for taking care of you. But dont worry, you can do it!

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because they aren’t in your body and feeling your emotions.  The important thing is to create your personal space and honour your feelings. And to remember that as challenging as it can be some times, anxiety can teach you something new if you let it.

Whatever the reason, it is more important than ever to check in with yourself and be sure you aren’t overdoing it – no matter how good your motives are. Remember though, that you are still here. And you’ve been able to handle everything thrown at you so far!

Best of all, once you’re consciously aware of your emotions and understand that anxiety comes and goes, you are in possession of a wonderful new gift! You now have the upper hand in deciding how you want to deal with it.


I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  • What’s YOUR  favourite way to calm anxiety or soothe stress?
  • Do you have a self care routine to deal with stress and anxiety? If not, whats holding you back? 


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