5 Ingredient Shrimp Tacos.
An Easy Recipe for the Overwhelmed.


serves 1-3

5 ingredient shrimp tacos for overwhelmed empath
5 ingredient shrimp tacos for overwhelmed empath

5 Ingredient Shrimp Tacos.
An Easy Recipe for the Overwhelmed.


H A N G R Y =  hungry + angry      a.k.a. empathic overwhelm

For those days when you are feeling overwhelmed by the world and really hangry, all you want is a quick meal with lots of flavour it doesn’t require any energy to make. And what a bonus if it’s healthy and nourishing for you as well. 

Thus comes my desire to share with you one of my favourite go-to recipes when I am in that state of mind.

The beauty of this recipe is it suits all people. It’s very easy to swap any of the ingredients for those that you have on hand or those that you like better. Or those that are required if you have allergies or health conditions.

Personally, I always like to have some tortillas frozen in the freezer for taco emergencies and then I can create anything.

precooked prawns or shrimp – 2-3 per person
lettuce or greens
red onion – 1 tbsp per person
vegenaise or favourite mayo (substitute) – 1.5 tbsp
fresh lemon juice (optional – but thins the may and makes it saucy!) 
tortilla – 2-4 per person.


If you’ve not got precooked prawns or shrimp, all you need do is take 5mins and cook to your liking.  For me, they are usually frozen wild prawns from Argentina. They like a quick 1 minute soak in boiling water, then I rinse them off and peel off any shells. Next a a quick toss in a frying pan with a good glug of olive oil and a bit of seasoning. Paprika and garlic salt is always nice. 

When they have cooled to a reasonable temperature, you can break them into small pieces and add them to the mayonnaise. This creates a beautiful blush pink colour of your sauce and also build all those cracks and crevices with yummy flavour or later. 

While that has sorted, put your fresh tortilla. Or grab your frozen ones and heat them up to your favourite doneness. Some people like them at room temperature. I happen to like mine super crispy and crunchy. 

Dice up some red onions and put those aside.  you can use white or spring that I love the red ones because they are filled with polyphenols which help to support my immune system. 

Hello from beautiful fresh lettuce or your favourite greens. 

 and can you believe it? You were actually done all you have to do is stuff the tacos. Then stuff yourself.  LOL  Of course I can’t condone that last statement but you know what happens when it’s taco night!

 I hope you enjoy and please do share your favourite type of tacos below, always fun to give each other ideas and get inspired.




I’d love to hear your thoughts!




  •  Whats your favourite kind of tacos
  •  I wouldn’t say I have an addiction (lol), but I do eat a lot of tacos.  How about you?


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