Crystals for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

As an empath or HSP you are likely familiar with how easy it is to take on the vibration and energy of people places and situations. Especially if your aren’t conscious of your energy or have good boundaries in place.

This brief article is to share with you 4 of my favourite crystals that are great allies to use in your work and personal life for energetic shielding, clearing or creating connections.

If you didnt know this about me, Im a crystal-whisperer.  Having worked with crystals over a lifetime and  running an online ethical crystals shop since 2013, Ive become quite familiar with their essences and diverse formations. It’s also been fascinating to see new types of crystals surface in the last few decades as the surge of sensitive, intuitive and spiritual people have stepped into their power.  Every one unique and with energies and vibrations for healing in our personal and work lives.


Ive chosen 4 you may not of heard of before and one of them is definitely rare. But don’t worry, as I like to remind people:  if you can’t get one in your hands, it doesn’t matter! Simply looking at a photo of them or using the name will bring their healing vibration into your space or work.

If you’re not already working with them, I can tell you that as an empath starseed lightworker or intuitive – you are going to find them an incredible discovery.

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Natrolite. Empathic Equalizer. Spirit connection via channeling & writing.

As an empath, you are going to love working with this crystal because it will help to realign and synchronize your nervous system with your light body. This means you’re going to be able to tap into your intuitive senses easier and with less strain on your physical being.

It’s also one of the easiest crystals to work with if you want to experience a tangible connection with crystal energy. Most sensitives will immediately feel the lovely high vibrational energy from these crystals – even by looking at them. You might experience it like a tingling, buzzing or even a shifting. Most commonly you would experience that in your crown or soulstar chakras as they are aligned with Naturolite.

Be sure to use this crystal with intention and with your energetic boundaries in place. Also, take care to be grounded before hand. Otherwise this lovely but intense energy can create a giddy-elated state in you. Sounds like fun and it can be, but you’ll likely be unable to focus. Trust me, I know! ha ha

It also has a lovely affinity for journaling and automatic writing. This means Naturolite is a great tool for lightworkers to contact spirit and higher realms and be able to channel messages.

Apophyllite . Lifts your mood. Helps to connect with angels. Aligned with your 3rd Eye Chakra.

Apophyllite. Lifts your mood. Helps to connect with angels. Aligned with your 3rd Eye Chakra.

Apophyllite is great for the 3rd Eye as it has an affinity to the pineal gland and is a nice addition when you are doing Chakra balancing. You’ll also find it to be a natural mood lifter, especially if you suffer from anxiety – as most of us do these days.

As an empath this might be one of your essential go to crystals. It can give you boost of positive energy because it will make space for that to happen by lifting off discordant or stagnant energy you may of accumulated in your auric field.

It is a beautiful reflective crystal and some of the more popular pyramidal shapes almost appear to have crystalline mirrors within them.

As its appearance may suggest, it is connected to the Angelic Realms. It stimulates your being and gives you an easier way to access the communication with spirit. This makes Apophylite a favourite crystal to work with them and other higher vibrational or dimensional beings.

scolecite crystals for empaths

 Scolecite. Powerful heart/spirit connection. Akashic Records. Past lives.

A delicate crystal with surprisingly big yet calming energy.
These delicate little crystals grow in fanlike clusters and are often seen for sale as small single wands as they have been naturally broken or intentionally separated.

They are the perfect example to prove that size of certain crystals have no bearing on the intensity of their energy. Think “tiny but Mighty!” Even the smallest little sliver of scolecite has a disproportionately large energy signature. Kind of like an opera singer with the smallest stature and the world’s largest voice!

If you are exploring past life healing or delving into the Akashic Records, Scolecite is lovely aid to bring forward that information. It also helps to support any journeying with astral travelling.

Scolecite is an another excellent high vibrational crystal for helping you shift your resonance which helps release what we perceive as negative energy. Kind of like getting you energetically “online” and pulling your chakra system into balance.

If you connect with or channel spirit, this multi use also crystal helps to connect with spirit beings and your higher self with an open heart and love. It can leave you feeling peaceful, relaxed and open to love on all levels. Which creates an alignment and openness, so you are ready to channel.

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blue halite  crystals for empaths

Blue Halite Crystal for Empaths.
The Energy Workers Crystal. Mood Stabilizer.

A very rare and special salt crystal, Blue Halite helps to clear your mind and reduce the highs and lows of the endocrine and hormonal system. This helps to ease depression and soothe mood swings.

For energy workers and healers, Blue Halite is an indispensable tool because it can easily balance the energy of the body and stimulate the energetic meridians. A lovely tool for practitioners of shiatsu, acupressure/puncture, reflexology and kinetic work.

Blue halite is a type of salt crystal. It is widely believed that colloidal gold gives it the blue colour. This crystal is rare and even harder to keep stable as its structure is very delicate, water-soluble and highly photosensitive!

Because of its scarcity, it may be hard to source some for yourself. Yet the great news is that (and with all crystals) the energy transcends the material world.  So you can spend some time with an image of it and still get the benefits. Feel free to download my image here or just use your favourite search engine to look up Blue Halite.


4 Essential Crystals for Empaths & Lightworkers


So now Id love to hear from you!

  • Do you choose crystals to help you as an empath or HSP?
  • What’s your favourite crystal and why? 




  1. Susan Young

    Thanks so much, it’s nice to get to know some alternative crystals and also what really works for us sensitive folks! I love the look of them all 🙂

    • Tanya Kucey

      Hey Susan – glad you enjoyed the article. I think you’ll love working with them and dont forget, if you cannot find any to buy, you can use the photos easily enough as the energy comes through. Cheers!

  2. Kristen

    I love this article, thank you for sharing! I love that the energies transcend the material world! What a glorious notion!



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