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Mini Mentoring for Empaths

Are you a highly sensitive empath?

• You often become an emotional sponge, finding it hard to discern your energy from others

• You can feel ‘broken’ when people say “you take everything to heart”, “you feel or think too deeply” or “you’re too sensitive”

• You know you need boundaries, but usually cave because you want to help others

• You’ve noticed you need more and more time alone to recuperate from the overwhelm of people, noise, smells or energy

• You have sensitivities other people dont. And dont understand

• You get that you’re intuitive and empathic. But not sure what to do with it

Do you wish you felt more comfortable around people or yourself?  Are you tired of interacting with others because you feel like they don’t really ‘hear’ what you say, or ‘deeply get’ the real you?  Are you at the point of feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and not sure where to turn?

If you’re done with doing it all on your own and know you’re ready for help, read on!  

Are you dealing with empath anxiety as a highly sensitive person?  Let me tell you why I can help.

Hi there, I’m Tanya Kucey, DCH (Classical Homeopathy). Healer, Educator and Intuitive Guide.  I’m a joy filled highly sensitive soul here to help you connect back to your amazing self with confidence as a highly sensitive empath.

I get how you feel.  Because not so long ago, I was in the same place you are. Aware of my gifts, yet struggling to embody them with confidence, ease and love.

I put the majority of my energy into others to heal and support them and I was really good at it!

But unfortunately, not so great at taking care of myself.  I was overwhelmed, unbalanced and became a hermit alone so I could recharge.

It took years of deep soul work, experience and training to sort it out for myself.

Then I became the guide I needed all along!
Finally strong, confident and full of love for myself.

Now I am here to help you do the same!

Ready to be confident in your life as a sensitive soul
and shine bright as a comfy empath?!
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